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The Areas That Are Not Examined In A House Inspection Report: Understanding A House Inspection Report

A house inspection report is an integral process that must be done before purchasing a property. It helps a potential buyer to determine whether or not there are pre-existing conditions or problems that the seller must address first before selling the house, and/or that will affect the property’s price. With a house inspection report on […]

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The Areas That Are Not Examined In A House Inspection Report: Understanding A House Inspection Report

A house inspection report is an integral process that must be done before purchasing a property. It helps a potential buyer to determine whether or not there are pre-existing conditions or problems that the seller must address first before selling the house, and/or that will affect the property’s price. With a house inspection report on hand, you will be able to negotiate the price of the property with the facts laid out bare. It can also outline if there are any safety issues to do with the property such as water or structural integrity damage or faults and hazards to do with water, electricity or fire. Having a house inspection report is thereby a very useful and important item to own. However, they do have their limitations and there are some things that are not examined and this will need to be taken into consideration. Here are some areas that are not examined in a house inspection report.   All things are hidden by the walls and the ceiling The assessors are not able to assess anything that is obstructed by walls or a ceiling during their house inspection report. This can include anything that is within the ceiling and walls or covered by furniture. This can be a major issue as there are potentially plumbing, electrical wirings and structural framings of the building hidden, as well as gas fittings and drainage. These can all have hazards hidden in them which can pose a threat to safety as well as causing the potential buyer to buy the property for a higher price than it should be. Any issues identified after the fact will have to be dealt with at the potential buyer’s expense, which is not fair to them. These expenses related to the above can be very expensive too and possibly make the environment unliveable in certain cases.   Home appliances Many properties on the market are sold with built-in appliances or appliances that come with the property. These can often include dishwashers, fridges, air-conditioners, range hoods or ducted vacuums. This may seem nice and be included in the property’s asking price, however, a house inspection report does not cover whether these appliances are faulty or not. It is up to the prospective buyer to decide whether the appliances are faulty or not and bring the issue(s) up with the seller. This is very important to be considered when doing a house inspection report, as the assessor will not check for you.   The operation of swimming pools, fireplaces, and so on Home inspector creating a house inspection report These may be advertised as coming with the property at the buying price; however, it is not guaranteed that they work. Swimming pools, fireplaces, chimneys etc. are not checked whether they are operational or faulty under a house inspection report, and this is something that must be checked by the prospective buyer themselves. These are all things that may seem appealing when buying a property, however, it is never guaranteed they are operational or are without faults, therefore it is very important for the prospective buyer to check if these are operational and not faulty before agreeing on a buying price, in combination with a house inspection report.   In summary, a house inspection report is very important before buying a property as it determines whether there are any hidden defects, issues or faults within the property that could affect the asking price as well as potentially be a safety hazard. There are various things that are not examined under one by the assessor and these must be taken into account by the prospective buyer and checked by themselves before potentially buying the property.

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Hot Water System

You don’t really realise how important hot water is for your home until you have to go without it! Hot water is used for many things around the home, most important being your shower, but is also used for things like washing clothes and dishes. If you find that your current hot water system has gone, you need to get that fixed as soon as possible, unless you like having cold showers. But before you make a rash decision, you really need to think about it because there are a lot of different options for a hot water cylinder and beyond. So, have a read on below at some of the things you need to consider when purchasing a new hot water system:

Heating Method

There are a number of different ways the hot water system can heat up the water, there is gas, heat pump, solar or electric. Each of these methods all comes with there own advantages and disadvantages, so make sure you do your research to find out the one that is best for your individual situation. One of the biggest factors that people look for when purchasing a hot water system is the price. You’ll find that an electric hot water system is generally the cheapest, followed by gas, and solar and heat pump are usually the more expensive options.

Water Usage in Household

It is important for you to purchase a hot water system that will be able to handle the size of your household and the amount of water it uses. There is nothing worse than being the last one into the shower for the morning, only to find out that everyone else has used all the hot water! It can be difficult to know what you need in this case, so it could be a good idea to get the assistance of a hot water supplier. They will come over to your place and analyse important factors and suggest a recommended hot water system for you. If you are getting someone to recommend a system make sure you get two separate quotes so you can compare.

Tank or Continuous

hot water connection of the gas equipment in the house. Engineering water heating, clean gas pipeline of the heating system in the building Hot water systems can either come from a tank, meaning it takes a little longer for the water to heat up, or have a continuous flow, meaning the water is instantaneously heating up. There are certainly advantages and disadvantages of each, so this is something to look out for. No matter the heating method you are thinking of going, you’ll get a storage tank option. If you do choose to go down the tank option, then you have to think of the type of tank you want to get. You will also need to consider the placement of the tank; a warm and insulated spot is best. For continuous flow, most models are used with gas, although there are also electric options available now as well. The good news is that due to the fact that there are no heating losses like with the tank option, you’ll find that over time it is cheaper going with this option.

Energy Ratings

It is always important to consider the energy ratings, something that may cost a little bit more to purchase and install today might end up saving you more money overall because it is cheaper to run.   Hot water systems will come with a star-rating label, however you should take this with a grain of salt, as this is not something that is not currently regulated by the Government. Hot water systems energy rating is different to that of what you would typically find on a fridge or washing machine appliance.

How An Accountant Can Help A Small Business

If you are a small business owner, you are probably already aware of all the different things you have to do to ensure your business is set up and running properly. You are probably doing things you have never done before and never thought you would have to do. When it comes to owning a small business you need to take all the help you can get and an accountant can help you in a number of different important areas, like your finances. While you are looking to remain as cost-effective as possible, you should hire fixed fee accountants so you know what your are paying for. Have a read on below at all the different ways an accountant is able to help out a small business owner, these are just a few of the best ways:

Review Contracts and Other Documents

During any business there is bound to be a significant number of documents and contracts. An accountant can help review those contracts and documents to ensure everything is in tip-top shape. If there is an agreement, which could have tax or accounting implications, then before anything is signed, you should have an accountant look over it. Sometimes, if not looked at by a professional, it can lead to pretty serious negative consequences like cash management issues, insurance issues or even financial statement issues. Something like this could have such a negative impact that it could lead to your business having to shut down.

Provide Financial Services

You will need someone to do the finances for your business, whether it is on a day to day basis or someone to help you do your taxes properly. Now, usually, you will be able to handle the day to day stuff, but taxes, especially for businesses can get quite complicated. This is why it is a good idea to hire fixed fee accountants to essentially act at the CFO to get your finances in shape. There are a number of different areas in which an accountant can help in the decision-making process. They can also help you save money by making the right decisions.

Help in the Process of Getting a Loan

calculator and accounting documents Getting a business loan can be complicated at times and very frustrating if you keep getting knocked back by the banks. This is where an accountant can help, can look at your finances and give you information on how much money you can borrow, they can also help find the best place and type of loan. If you own a small business, at one point or another you are likely going to need a loan, so having an accountant help make the process easier, ensures that you get the right loan for your personal situation, as well as having a clear idea of the repayment schedule and other relevant important pieces of information.

Help You Grow

As a business owner, you want your business to be profitable and grow. Starting and growing a business can be hard, especially if you don’t know what kind of financial decisions you need to make to get there. This is where an accountant can help and lead you down the right path of success.   There are a number of different ways a business can grow successfully, and an accountant will provide the data driven information and provide quality recommendations on what needs to be done. Hiring quality staff is one of the most important ways you can grow a business. By finding the right employee you are certainly on the way to success.

The Dos And Don’ts Of Choosing An Emergency Plumber

  If you are in the need of an emergency plumber, chances are you don’t have the luxury of sitting down and scouring through countless listings on Google for the right one. Luckily for these situations, there are many emergency plumbers out there that can help you out in your time of need. If however you don’t make the right decision it could lead to more damage and money in the long run. Even if you have 5 minutes to spare you could make sure that you are going with the right professional which could avoid a future disaster. Below we are going to explore the dos and don’ts when choosing an emergency plumber.  

Do: take a second to think

When everything hits the fan your first reaction is generally to panic and go straight into action mode. This state of narrow-mindedness could lead you to overlook some things that you wouldn’t given a different circumstance. When you take a second to breathe and think you get a sense of clarity of the steps you need to take. This could include talking to a friend or family member that is an emergency plumber or has used on in the past. If they can vouch for them you can rest assured knowing that you made the right decision.  

Don’t: just go with anyone

If you are panicking and searching for any man and his dog to help with your disaster it could lead to more damage in the long run. Think about your decision-making process if you were to hire a service for any type of situation. You would have a couple of potential contenders, make a pros and cons list and then make a decision from there. If you go with the first emergency plumber that you see you could overlook better and more trustworthy providers. Even if it is giving someone a call for a quick minute you can save yourself a world of trouble.  

Do: choose someone with insurance

It is very important that when you hire an emergency plumber that they are licensed and have insurance. This will ensure that if anything does go wrong in the future that there work and the damage will be covered so you won’t be out of pocket. This do ties in with the points above. If you are rushing around and not taking the time to look at the finer details from these emergency plumbers you may miss that they aren’t licensed or insured and it’s just some guy with a tool belt looking for a quick buck.  

Don’t: fix it yourself

While you may be a bit of a pipe enthusiast yourself, if you are not licensed or a professional it is highly recommended that you don’t try and fix this issue yourself. If there’s one message this article is trying to get across it is that if you choose the right person to do the job you won’t have to pay for it many times in the future. If you are all gung ho and attempt to do it yourself you may end up causing more damage. More damage equals more money to fix something and you could even end up making the entire situation worse. Again this ties into if the person doing the job doesn’t have insurance then the work or the extra damage isn’t covered. It is always safest to trust a professional as they have been doing this type of work for years and know the ins and outs of these pipe related disasters.

How Divorce Lawyers In Sydney Can Help You Make The Whole Process As Affordable As Possible

There are all sorts of reasons why two people may stay together longer than they should and often this relates to finances. For example, one person may have a thriving business that they worry will be at stake if they decide to part ways with their current partner. And then there are some that are worried about the legal costs that are going to be involved and so would rather put up with their current situation than to dive into the unknown. While this is one way to go about things, people can only go on like this for so long and usually people will reach their wit’s end and will end up in the same position that they were in at the start. Be this as it may, it can usually be a better idea for people to start to gather information in the beginning so that they are in a better position down the track. But as there are so many people out there who aren’t in a position to come up with random money to spend, here is how divorce lawyers in Sydney can help you make the whole process as affordable as possible.   Divorce lawyers in Sydney can help you make the whole process as affordable as possible by letting you know what the important parts are going to be There are a few different and yet effective ways that divorce lawyers in Sydney can help you make the whole process as affordable as possible and one of these ways is by letting you know what the important parts are going to be, such as child custody, alimony payments, and property litigation. This means that people are going to be able to easily know the things that they absolutely must pay for and then the things that are more of an option rather than a must. And when people are able to differentiate this, they can easily make sure that they are only spending their money on things that they absolutely have to. The great thing about this is that people are usually able to get an idea from the start about how much things are going to cost and they don’t have to bump into any nasty surprises along the way. While all sorts of things can always happen, at least people will know that they have not wasted any of their budget in areas that they didn’t have to at any point in the process.   Divorce lawyers in Sydney can help you make the whole process as affordable as possible by being transparent from the start Divorce lawyers in Sydney can also help you make the whole process as affordable as possible by being transparent from the start. This can be very important as many people will think that they are told one thing but in fact, they are being told another. As this can happen on so many different occasions, it is important that people do a bit of reflection before they go ahead and hire someone. They will need to establish if they are indeed authentic and if they are happy to work with them in the long run. And when people do establish this, they’re able to work with those who are upfront from the start about what the costs are and who are not going to randomly change their mind down the track. And this is a wonderful thing for those who are worried about how much this type of thing is going to cost them, even though they really need this service.

Top 3 Benefits Of Using A 3PL Warehouse For Your Business

Are you considering outsourcing an element of your businesses’ logistical backend to a 3pl warehouse? This can be a prudent move for many types of business but is also not a decision that should be taken on a whim, since it may not be the best fit depending on the kind of operation you are running. Deciding on whether or not to engage a provider of third-party logistics can be one of the most critical decisions you make when it comes to cutting costs in your business. You need to make sure that whatever decision you make does not make things harder for your frontend employees and for your customers, for whom convenience is a significant factor in their purchase decision. If you make a mistake here, it could mean massive delays in your restocking or delivering timeframes that leave customers dissatisfied and looking at your competitors instead. Don’t make the mistake of thoughtlessly making a decision when it comes to how your logistics will be handled now and into the future. The following will examine the top 3 benefits of using a 3pl warehouse for your business.  

1.   You only end up paying for the actual space and labour you need

Rather than paying expensive fees to acquire or rent an entire storage space that you may not get full use out of, engaging a provider of a 3pl warehouse ensures you can get the most value for money. This is because you will only pay for the space your stock needs to occupy at any given time and are only paying a servicing fee for the number of transactions that take place. Having this variable rate means that you won’t lose money paying for storage space that isn’t benefiting you. This is one of the most significant advantages of using a 3pl warehouse since it prevents you from losing money on services that may never end up actually getting used.  

2.   You can have space and labour allotted as it is required

man checking the inventory Any good provider of 3pl warehouses will utilise a fully-optimised fulfilment paradigm that ensures costs that occur over a certain period are minimised to the highest possible extent. This provider will take into consideration how many transactions are taking place at any given time and make sure that what you pay for is appropriately adjusted to ensure you never pay a cent more than is necessary. This ensures that you don’t overpay for any of the attached services and don’t compromise on the efficiency of the logistics required to satisfactorily serve your customer base. You must do everything you can to ensure that the steps you take with regards to cutting logistical costs don’t end up giving your customers a poorer experience when it comes to ordering/returns etc.  

3.   It is scalable as your business grows

Rather than buying or renting a space that you hope will be worthwhile in the future, using a provider of a 3pl warehouse means you only pay for what is needed. This expense will expand only if your business grows.  

4.   Gives you more time to focus on other aspects of your business

When you outsource an element of your backend to a 3pl warehouse provider, you get to take a weight off your shoulders without compromising on the quality of service you give your customers. As long as you ensure the provider you engage has a good track record with handling the kind of goods you sell, then you should have nothing to worry about by trusting the process to them. At the same time, you can focus on other aspects of your business where your expertise matters most.

Why Young Professionals Should Apply for Remote Internships in 2020

  2020 is an opportune time to send in an application for remote internships. Whether it is in accounting, engineering, retail, sales, marketing, IT development or production, these placements offer a unique opportunity to take a tangible step forward for a career. We will outline why these initiatives are valuable exercises and why this year is as perfect as any to start that journey in earnest.  

Gaining Professional Experience

Individuals can attend classes, lectures and take part with tests and group assignments, but after a while that type of education will still have limits. Remote internships provides a space for young professionals to extend their skills, learn from mistakes, build connections and develop the kind of experience that becomes enticing for employers down the line. Managers like to hire people who have tested themselves and ventured outside of their comfort zone, something that can be gained during this remote placement.  

Improving Remote Business Skills

Who is to say whether or not remote internships will lead to a full-time role within an office space? Given the spread of the coronavirus and a greater emphasis placed on remote business operations, this could be the start of a career that completely shifts that Monday to Friday 9am-5pm office schedule. That is where participants will have a real edge over their peers who are only accustomed to working in person at a static location without having to be flexible.  

Connecting With Peers & Mentors

Young professionals will not be able to understand all of the intricacies of a company on day one. Even if they excel with their intellectual property and theoretical learning, there are behaviours and practices that need to be communicated from a peer or mentor. This is where remote internships still have their role to play for men and women hoping to forge their own career path. Peers and mentors will be great people to connect with, allowing graduates who are attending remote internships to ask questions, receive advice and even open new doors when the placement has concluded.  

Showcasing Experience on the Resume

The role of remote internships is to act as a bridge to a full-time position with a business. It demonstrates that the individual has applied their skills and fitted with the culture of the organisation, enticing that company or others to offer an opportunity. Although traditional internships would be considered preferable by some managers, this is not always the case. Especially for men and women who have graduated from university, this is experience in the “real world” where participants are not given tests or theoretical projects, but tasks with tangible stakes.  

Reducing Costs & Saving Time

Those young professionals who have a chance to take part with remote internships understand that they only need a solid internet connection, a working phone and a desk with a few essentials to get involved. This means they can stay at home, venture to internet cafés, libraries or be on the road as they undertake key tasks and projects. Without the need to wear the attire, travel to the location of the enterprise, pay for parking, for meals and accumulate an entire working day, costs and time is reduced.  

More Internship Opportunities

It is overlooked just how beneficial these programs happen to be for the organisation as much as the applicant. There are plenty of accommodations that have to be made for young men and women arriving on-site as they have to get a feel for the environment and culture as much as their involvement with tasks. Businesses in this sector though don’t have those overheads to think about, giving them more incentive to advertise initiatives and extend opportunities for graduates.  

5 Tips for Enjoying Your Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

  When it comes to experiencing the marvel of the Grand Canyon helicopter tour is one of the most unique and exciting ways to do so. Viewing the national park from above is a thrill that not many people get to experience. Yet while flying in a chopper is a fun and memorable means of sightseeing, it can also evoke some nerves – especially if it is your first trip or if you are afraid of heights. Thankfully, we have some insider tips to help you cope with any pre-flight anxiety you might be feeling before your Grand Canyon helicopter tour.  

Be aware of motion sickness

We highly recommend taking precautions to prevent travel sickness you might experience on the chopper, even if you don’t normally get sick. Flying in a chopper is unusual for most people and so it can make even the strongest of people feel quite ill. The last thing you want is for travel sickness to ruin the special experience that you paid money for! Thankfully, you have a range of options when it comes to preventing travel sickness, like:


There are many different types of medications that you can use to treat motion sickness during your Grand Canyon helicopter tour. Antihistamines like Dramamine (best taken 30 mins prior to your flight) and transdermal patches are the most commonly prescribed travel sickness medications. Talk to your GP or pharmacist for more personal advice.

Acupressure wristband

If you don’t want to take medication you could try a natural remedy such as an acupressure wristband. This works by targeting pressure points on the wrist in order to reduce symptoms of travel sickness. This is a kid-friendly option for children who can’t take medication.


Ginger is a time-old remedy for nausea and motion sickness. It can be consumed in tablet, liquid or candy form some hours before take-off. It is a great option for those who want something natural as opposed to taking medication.  

Don’t pack too much

As the chopper is quite small, there will be weight restrictions during your Grand Canyon helicopter tour. As such, you will be limited by how many items you can take on the vehicle. It is a good idea to leave bags, food and water at home (food and drink should be provided – check with your company). Your sunglasses, phone and camera are all you will need during your trip.  

Bring your camera

camera Ensure you pack your camera on your Grand Canyon helicopter tour! There will be a huge array of opportunities for some incredible shots of the Colorado River and more. Make sure your camera battery is charged and that your storage card has plenty of space available (and that both are inside the camera!).  

Go to the toilet first

Even if you don’t think you need to go, it’s a good idea to do so before you embark on your Grand Canyon helicopter tour as it is unlikely that there will be toilets on the chopper! You don’t want to be busting for the loo in the middle of your flight, especially if you’re taking children.  

Leave the pilot alone

Chatting to the pilot while he/she is trying to operate the chopper is a bad idea. Distracting your pilot using questions about their life could risk the safety of those on board, so it’s a good idea to save your questions until the end of the trip. Alternatively, ask your trip guide.  


By following these tips you are sure to have an amazing experience on your Grand Canyon helicopter tour.

Activities of financial management

  Whether or not a business works for profit or non-profit, finances are necessary, which is often why financial management gains importance over other activities of the company. The ultimate objective or end goal of any business concern is wealth maximization, which can be achieved through the following activities of financial management.  

Estimation of capital requirement

So how much actual money is required? The solution to this question lies in the manner how financial managers accordingly estimate the needed capital requirements. The estimation of capital requirement is arrived upon after estimating the company’s present and future costs and profits, working capital requirement, purchase of a fixed asset and business plans for expansion. Investment

Procurement and allocation of funds

The often wondered question is where the money will arise or come from? Through financial management activities, it ensures adequate and regular supply of funds by identifying various sources of funds and decided to procure these sources at the lowest costs. Once the funds are pooled, the next objective would be to prudently invest them in different assets with the intention of achieving profitability, liquidity, security, and safety.

Determining the structure of capital

When determining the capital structure, ambiguity arises when what proportion of capital should be invested and how? This is where the financial management comes into play in the picture. The primary objective of sourcing capital is to grow it to earn sufficient returns while maximizing shareholder wealth. This can be achieved by determining whether the whole capital should be invested in the business or the market. The decision regarding short term and long term investment and debt-equity mix are to be taken as well.

Distributing the surplus

The question of where to dispose of the surplus arises. Here, surplus refers to profits. The company can decide whether to retain the profits entirely or to re-invest in the business with an intention to expand or diversify it. However, if shareholders exist, it would make more sense and practicality to distribute the profits by declaring dividends and bonus. All of the said decisions fall under the category and scope of financial management.

Maintaining financial control

How much return has the capital earned? Financial management makes it possible for exercising control over money through evaluation of financial performance at regular intervals. This can be achieved through techniques such as financial forecasting, ratio analysis, audits and analysis of accounting or bookkeeping records. All of the said techniques give results on ROI or Return on Investment. Financial managers exercise the sole control of the sources of money and cash flow.  

Points of Access To Finding a Tenant Advisory Service in Sydney

A tenant advisory service in Sydney allows for commercial operations to employee a representative that looks out for their interests.

Given the exploitative nature of certain landlords in the city, it is important that each and every enterprise has a professional party devoid of allegiances acting for the betterment of everyone.From the amount of money that is being spent in monthly rent to the length of a lease, these are circumstances that speak to the long-term viability of an organisation.Only a tenant advisor can be positioned to view this scenario objectively, dispassionately and professionally to create a path that will land you in your ideal commercial space.In order to ensure that the landlord does not hold all of the leverage, your business needs to source a provider that can meet these requirements.

But where should you begin your search if you do not have a relationship already established?

This is where it is necessary to illustrate access points that will open a dialogue with a certified advisory service for commercial tenants.

Tenant Union

Tenants NSW is a union body that works in conjunction with various firms that function in the tenant advisory service field in Sydney. By registering for this organisation, you can be updated on tenant news, on new policies, on fresh providers and firms, and consultants who are experienced and skilled in this department. This option is particularly relevant for the Not-For-Profit industry where government schemes offer an added incentive.


Industry Peers

Depending on the circumstances and size of your business industry, there could be direct references and networks established to source a tenant advisory service in Sydney. Speaking with industry peers can open doors and pathways that persuades management to opt for a provider of substance rather than speculating in the marketplace. Advisors will be able to refer back to these partnerships to identify hidden criteria and lease agreement terms if circumstances run parallel between peers.


Online Endeavour

Should you feel as though your company is at something of a loose end to sourcing a tenant advisory service in Sydney, you can cross check reference points online. By heading to a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, you can execute a digital search that will offer an ideal starting point to begin discussions with various providers.These outlets will be peer reviewed to issue a rating out of 5 stars with comments and feedback from consumers who have been clients. Given the role that search engine optimisation (SEO) plays by listing companies within each peer group, you can understand where the traffic has been heading for Sydney operations that require expertise in the field of tenant advisory, and which firms have yet to earn their reputation in the market.


Personal References

The final facet to examine when accessing a tenant advisory service in Sydney is to take stock of any and all personal references. Whether they happen to derive from friends, family members or close colleagues who have experience in this field, this interpersonal dynamic can assist you in trusting an advisory organisation in the future.

They can walk you through the introductory process, how they communicate to the client, how often they choose to communicate, what terms they were able to source, what their fees were and what relationship, if any, was necessary beyond the terms of the agreement.



The ideal search to identify a tenant advisory service in Sydney will accumulate each and every access point that has been listed. However, there will be a limited amount of time and resources, so whichever option is utilised, it is paramount that your business developers undertake their due diligence and cross reference their information.