Woman working from home


2020 is an opportune time to send in an application for remote internships.

Whether it is in accounting, engineering, retail, sales, marketing, IT development or production, these placements offer a unique opportunity to take a tangible step forward for a career.

We will outline why these initiatives are valuable exercises and why this year is as perfect as any time to start sending applications for remote internships.


Gaining Professional Experience

Individuals can attend classes, lectures and take part with tests and group assignments, but after a while that type of education will still have limits. Remote internships provides a space for young professionals to extend their skills, learn from mistakes, build connections and develop the kind of experience that becomes enticing for employers down the line. Managers like to hire people who have tested themselves and ventured outside of their comfort zone, something that can be gained during this remote placement.


Improving Remote Business Skills

Who is to say whether or not remote internships will lead to a full-time role within an office space? Given the spread of the coronavirus and a greater emphasis placed on remote business operations, this could be the start of a career that completely shifts that Monday to Friday 9am-5pm office schedule. That is where participants will have a real edge over their peers who are only accustomed to working in person at a static location without having to be flexible.


Connecting With Peers & Mentors

Young professionals will not be able to understand all of the intricacies of a company on day one. Even if they excel with their intellectual property and theoretical learning, there are behaviours and practices that need to be communicated from a peer or mentor. This is where remote internships still have their role to play for men and women hoping to forge their own career path. Peers and mentors will be great people to connect with, allowing graduates who are attending remote internships to ask questions, receive advice and even open new doors when the placement has concluded.


Showcasing Experience on the Resume

The role of remote internships is to act as a bridge to a full-time position with a business. It demonstrates that the individual has applied their skills and fitted with the culture of the organisation, enticing that company or others to offer an opportunity. Although traditional internships would be considered preferable by some managers, this is not always the case. Especially for men and women who have graduated from university, this is experience in the “real world” where participants are not given tests or theoretical projects, but tasks with tangible stakes.


Reducing Costs & Saving Time

Those young professionals who have a chance to take part with remote internships understand that they only need a solid internet connection, a working phone and a desk with a few essentials to get involved. This means they can stay at home, venture to internet cafés, libraries or be on the road as they undertake key tasks and projects. Without the need to wear the attire, travel to the location of the enterprise, pay for parking, for meals and accumulate an entire working day, costs and time is reduced.


More Internship Opportunities

It is overlooked just how beneficial these programs happen to be for the organisation as much as the applicant. There are plenty of accommodations that have to be made for young men and women arriving on-site as they have to get a feel for the environment and culture as much as their involvement with tasks. Businesses in this sector though don’t have those overheads to think about, giving them more incentive to advertise initiatives and extend opportunities for graduates.