Music if life, it’s sheer joy! Picking a line from John Legend’s ‘All of me,’ music is indeed our ‘Rhythm in blues!”. And while we all have our favorite bands, whose devout fans we are, there’s no harm to venture out and check out some newcomers out there too, isn’t it? So here we are, with trending artists and bands that you need to have a look at right away!



The strikingly young members of this band did choose the perfect name for their band – because they are so young and already stars! The youngsters are seriously into making some good, worth giving a listen and falling in love with music! And boy, you’ll love them all! The fresh music that they are coming up with is a treat to the ears – you can start off with their 2017 singles –Ants, I love LA and Let Her Be.


Gus Dapperton:

20 years of age, 6 feet tall with that naive boyish charm – that’s what Gus Dapperton is! His music, oh boy! You have to listen to his singles ‘Yellow and Such’ to understand how beautifully he has collaborated the different genres of music to create magic! So effortless and flawless is his ability to come up with music that you will fall in love with his music (and him) right there!

Kodie Shane

Kodie Shane:

If you love raps, you have to give this 19-year-old a chance! And I’m sure she won’t disappoint you at all! And we sure know this young lady, all of 19 has a long way to go! Start off with her ‘Drip on my walk’. She also has a wide variety of emotionally sensitive songs, ‘Sad’ is one of them that strike the perfect emotional chord.



Bold, brazen and dashing is this Chicago-boron artist’s approach towards music! And fans lap up all here creations – after all, Bold is truly Beautiful! Her viral singles –Queen Elizabitch and Deepthroat are what caught people’s attention, and since then, we’re all waiting for more stuff from her! She writes and sings about issues very relatable to the masses, and that’s what is making her popular by the day!

Brothers Osbourne

Brothers Osbourne:

These chaps come up with music that’s so likable that you won’t be able to turn it down once you start listening to it! Their single ‘It ain’t my fault’ floored music lovers across the world and there they are – on their first tour out there in the UK! Don’t miss out on them!