Pink Murphy bed folded down in a children's room

Murphy beds in Sydney have always been a popular option amongst apartments and other rental properties due to their qualities of saving space and being relatively inexpensive. Multi-functionality is the primary reason for their use and is a good reason why they are in demand and have been since the 1960s. However, they have been losing popularity as of late due to the rise of different styles of beds which fit into a more modern feel and look.
Whilst they are popular still for those apartments and people who do not have a lot of space, they are not so common in bigger homes where larger and more stylish beds and more dominant. With so much different style and variety available in the bed market, it makes sense that Murphy beds in Sydney would eventually lose some of its demand. Regardless, you may still be looking at Murphy beds in Sydney for your own property, and are wondering whether they are still worth it?

Here are the pros and cons of murphy beds in Sydney.


They save space

This is the obvious reason as to why you would get murphy beds in Sydney.

They save a lot of space by not requiring an actual item to be placed in a room.
This is because they work by folding up into a wall and can be accessed and put away at any time. The convenience of this is what draws people to murphy beds in Sydney, as many apartments in this city have become smaller due to rising rent prices and wages staying the same, effectively meaning that students will have to live in smaller environments. Because of this, these products are used in order to have more space and not be too cramped.

Since they are folded out only when required, this can also create the illusion of a bigger room as you will not be able to see it unless you need to use it.

This has always been the primary reason as to why murphy beds in Sydney have been popular.


They can be functional in many ways

Murphy beds in Sydney not only fold out into something you can sleep on, but they can also be used for numerous different functions. There are many designs for them nowadays, and when folded up they can also act as a shelf or look like a bookcase. This is because they are folded into the wall, and the bottom of it can thereby be something else which is useful for your property.

Furthermore, designs on the bottom of it can make the property look more appealing in its interior design.


They can be challenging to fold out and put away

Folded Murphy bed

Early on in their making, murphy beds in Sydney were often bulky and hard to fold out and put away. Whilst they have modernized in recent years and become lighter and more accessible, they are often not recommended for the elderly or kids as they can be heavy for them and unpredictable. They are also difficult for those who experience joint pain or other such issues with their body and can cause damage to them. Pregnant women should also not operate murphy beds in Sydney.


In summary, murphy beds in Sydney have many pros which make them appealing to a large demographic, however, they also have their cons to do with safety for other types of people. They should be researched thoroughly in order to find out if they fit your situation and if they would benefit you greatly, and you should also find out if they are right for you in terms of safety and suitability.