Plumber installing shower stall


If you are in the need of an emergency plumber, chances are you don’t have the luxury of sitting down and scouring through countless listings on Google for the right one. Luckily for these situations, there are many emergency plumbers out there that can help you out in your time of need. If however you don’t make the right decision it could lead to more damage and money in the long run.

Even if you have 5 minutes to spare you could make sure that you are going with the right professional which could avoid a future disaster. Below we are going to explore the dos and don’ts when choosing an emergency plumber.


Do: take a second to think

When everything hits the fan your first reaction is generally to panic and go straight into action mode. This state of narrow-mindedness could lead you to overlook some things that you wouldn’t given a different circumstance. When you take a second to breathe and think you get a sense of clarity of the steps you need to take. This could include talking to a friend or family member that is an emergency plumber or has used on in the past. If they can vouch for them you can rest assured knowing that you made the right decision.


Don’t: just go with anyone

If you are panicking and searching for any man and his dog to help with your disaster it could lead to more damage in the long run. Think about your decision-making process if you were to hire a service for any type of situation. You would have a couple of potential contenders, make a pros and cons list and then make a decision from there. If you go with the first emergency plumber that you see you could overlook better and more trustworthy providers. Even if it is giving someone a call for a quick minute you can save yourself a world of trouble.


Do: choose someone with insurance

It is very important that when you hire an emergency plumber that they are licensed and have insurance. This will ensure that if anything does go wrong in the future that there work and the damage will be covered so you won’t be out of pocket. This do ties in with the points above. If you are rushing around and not taking the time to look at the finer details from these emergency plumbers you may miss that they aren’t licensed or insured and it’s just some guy with a tool belt looking for a quick buck.


Don’t: fix it yourself

While you may be a bit of a pipe enthusiast yourself, if you are not licensed or a professional it is highly recommended that you don’t try and fix this issue yourself. If there’s one message this article is trying to get across it is that if you choose the right person to do the job you won’t have to pay for it many times in the future. If you are all gung ho and attempt to do it yourself you may end up causing more damage. More damage equals more money to fix something and you could even end up making the entire situation worse.

Again this ties into if the person doing the job doesn’t have insurance then the work or the extra damage isn’t covered. It is always safest to trust a professional as they have been doing this type of work for years and know the ins and outs of these pipe related disasters.