Nursing Home

Preparing for your twilight years are important and shouldn’t be done with haste. As you peruse the possibilities of your retirement plans, it’s necessary to collate all the potential nursing home costs that can accrue in various circumstances.

While there are a wide variety of fees that are associated with retirement villages, there are typically 3 main channels of nursing home costs that can vary from place to place. Today we will explore the fundamental nursing home costs, what they do as well as explore the additional fees that can factor in. Bear in mind that there are always government subsidies available for prospective tenants, the information is everywhere online and can be easily accessed to determine whether you are eligible to apply for assistance with nursing home costs.

1.   Basic Daily Fee

The nursing home costs will vary depending on the place you end up choosing, but one of the core fees you’ll be required to pay is your general basic daily fee. As far as nursing home costs go, it is the one that makes the most amount of sense, mostly due to the everyday requirements of any living space.

This fee covers the essentials like meals, laundry, cleaning and general maintenance that occurs. This is the standard fee across the board and all residents are typically required to pay for it as any tenant would in a rental situation.

2.   Means Tested Care Fee

Old woman inquiring about nursing home costs to a worker

When you are assessed for potential extra care, there will likely be an additional amount added to your nursing home costs as a result. This fee is typically associated with any additional care you may require in your tenure at the residence. The amount you end up paying is determined by the assessment, so no two fees are usually the same, some don’t have to pay anything at all.

The fee covers extras such as extra assistance with everyday activities like dressing, grooming and bathroom trips. Unnecessary medical assistance in general is not covered in the usual nursing home costs, so it will likely be factored in here as well. Luckily, there are usually lifetime caps applied for each resident which can alleviate worry surrounding the overall nursing home costs becoming overwhelming for an individual.

3.   Accommodation Fee

This is the most diverse of the core nursing home costs, largely due to the varied levels of standard, quality and location of these communities around the country. Factors such as the size of the room, the included utilities as well as the overall standard of the retirement village and its location are all considered into the pricing.

This is also where having governmental assistance comes into play more heavily, with eligibilities varying wildly from case to case, you may end up paying a portion of the fee or none at all, depending on an assets and income assessment.

4. Additional Fees

Depending on the facility you end up choosing, there are a variety of additional nursing home costs that can come into play for your stay and for the future. This can include access to channels or utilities not included in the base rate, preferable purchases of brand for everyday toiletries or specific foods. It can vary from place to place and they will have addendums and notices in advance so that you’re not forced to pay additional fees without knowing.

It’s important to research and find a trustworthy location to consider heading to when you reach retirement age. Ensure you always double check the place and find assistance where you can.