Tenant Advisory

A tenant advisory service in Sydney allows for commercial operations to employee a representative that looks out for their interests.

Given the exploitative nature of certain landlords in the city, it is important that each and every enterprise has a professional party devoid of allegiances acting for the betterment of everyone.From the amount of money that is being spent in monthly rent to the length of a lease, these are circumstances that speak to the long-term viability of an organisation.Only a tenant advisor can be positioned to view this scenario objectively, dispassionately and professionally to create a path that will land you in your ideal commercial space.In order to ensure that the landlord does not hold all of the leverage, your business needs to source a provider that can meet these requirements.

But where should you begin your search if you do not have a relationship already established?

This is where it is necessary to illustrate access points that will open a dialogue with a certified advisory service for commercial tenants.

Tenant Union

Tenants NSW is a union body that works in conjunction with various firms that function in the tenant advisory service field in Sydney. By registering for this organisation, you can be updated on tenant news, on new policies, on fresh providers and firms, and consultants who are experienced and skilled in this department. This option is particularly relevant for the Not-For-Profit industry where government schemes offer an added incentive.


Industry Peers

Depending on the circumstances and size of your business industry, there could be direct references and networks established to source a tenant advisory service in Sydney. Speaking with industry peers can open doors and pathways that persuades management to opt for a provider of substance rather than speculating in the marketplace. Advisors will be able to refer back to these partnerships to identify hidden criteria and lease agreement terms if circumstances run parallel between peers.


Online Endeavour

Should you feel as though your company is at something of a loose end to sourcing a tenant advisory service in Sydney, you can cross check reference points online. By heading to a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, you can execute a digital search that will offer an ideal starting point to begin discussions with various providers.These outlets will be peer reviewed to issue a rating out of 5 stars with comments and feedback from consumers who have been clients. Given the role that search engine optimisation (SEO) plays by listing companies within each peer group, you can understand where the traffic has been heading for Sydney operations that require expertise in the field of tenant advisory, and which firms have yet to earn their reputation in the market.


Personal References

The final facet to examine when accessing a tenant advisory service in Sydney is to take stock of any and all personal references. Whether they happen to derive from friends, family members or close colleagues who have experience in this field, this interpersonal dynamic can assist you in trusting an advisory organisation in the future.

They can walk you through the introductory process, how they communicate to the client, how often they choose to communicate, what terms they were able to source, what their fees were and what relationship, if any, was necessary beyond the terms of the agreement.



The ideal search to identify a tenant advisory service in Sydney will accumulate each and every access point that has been listed. However, there will be a limited amount of time and resources, so whichever option is utilised, it is paramount that your business developers undertake their due diligence and cross reference their information.