Happy Life

1. Learn to be forgiving –

Forgiveness is a great virtue that is not everyone’s cup of tea. Although most of us expect someone else to forgive us when we commit a mistake, it is very rare that we practice what we preach. The truth is, no matter how hard forgiveness is, it is the most beautiful feeling ever when you forgive someone and feel a sense of relief when the weight lifts off your heart.  Forgiveness helps you move on on a positive note.


2. Sometimes it is okay to say no –

Not being able to deny someone is a problem many of us face. The thought of it hurting them almost always puts us in a fix. However, it is because of the inability to say no that most of us end up in unfavorable situations. Thus, learning to deny or say no to someone is a valuable life lesson to happiness as it will help declutter and focus only on things that matter to you and add value to your life.

3. Live your passion –

The most authentic secret to a happy life is to follow your dream and do it passionately. Even spending a few hours a day doing something you love and enjoy makes a world of difference to the happiness quotient in your life. It will help motivate you to go ahead and conquer the stars and pump a whole lot of adrenaline into your body to ensure you live your dream.


4. Exercise regularly and Eat Healthy –

Keeping fit is one of the most successful mantras to happiness. When you are physically healthy, and in shape, it refreshes a person’s mental state of mind. As we all know the connection between the physical being and the mind is extremely strong and any changes in either one results in evident changes in the other. It is scientifically proven that eating healthy and exercising regularly releases endorphins that can help you live a more fulfilled and happy life.

5. Connect deeply within and without –

Making connections can be dreadful for many. This is majorly so because most of us are afraid to become close to someone, sometimes even ourselves. Opening up and connecting on a deeper level is essential to reach your goal of happiness. Therefore, it is essential to stop feeling vulnerable and start sharing. Connect with others and yourself on a deeper level and let the exchange of emotions take over you. This will help you get more relaxed, honest and open. Remember that being yourself is the key to your happiness.


6. Learn to count your blessings –

Most of us tend to take most things in our life for granted. We believe that some things are here to stay. The truth is, nothing is permanent, and change is the only constant. Therefore, it is important to remember to count our blessings and be grateful for whatever we have today, as we may or may not have it tomorrow. Learning to count one’s blessings makes us feel happy for what we have today and not worry about tomorrow.