Bongs, aka billy, bubbler, etc., are the water pipes used for smoking cannabis. The word bong is derived from a Thai word, ‘Baung,’ which means a bamboo tube/pipe made to smoke weed. However, these pipes have become advanced, and no more look like a simple bamboo tube anymore. However, the basic process remains the same, it filters and then cools the smoke to make your experience great. Besides, these filtered devices provide a healthier way of smoking while being a breeze to clean. Let’s read on to find out how they work and more.

How do the Bongs work?

These pipes today come in a lot of variations of both size and shape. From the most basic to advanced pieces, you can find these pipes in a huge variety these days. All these pipes are meant to first filter and then cool the smoke coming from burning marijuana. Affordable bongs usually has a bowl as its component, which is meant to hold the dry weed. Once you light the weed, the combustion process starts. When you inhale, the water in the bottom chamber of the pipe starts to bubble/percolate. The smoke then starts rising to the chamber of the pipe and finally enters your lungs through the mouth.

Parts of a Standard Bong

These sophisticated pipes have the following parts:

  • Mouthpiece: the opening end of the pipe that is placed on the mouth to inhale.
  • Chamber: the smoke is accumulated in this part for inhaling.
  • Bowl: the bowl is for smoking material like a weed, marijuana, tobacco, etc.
  • Down-stem: it is a simple tube that connects the bowl with the water in the bottom of the bongs.

How to Prepare the Bongs?

Man while smoking in a bong

Now that you know the parts of the bong let’s start with what you need to do to smoke using it.

  • Start by filling the bong with water until it just reaches the down-stem. Next, remove the down-stem and fill the chamber with water. You can check if the water in the chamber is enough or not by taking a deep breath through the mouthpiece; ideally, the water should bubble but not come to your lips.
  • If your bongs have any percolators, fill them with water as well. These are like branches in the chamber that are great for filtering and cooling the smoke.
  • The next step is to remove the bowl and fill it up with your smoking material. You must remove any residual ash before filling it. Break your material into small pieces first, and make sure to remove any leaves and seeds. You can also use a grinder for this purpose. Pack your bowl loosely with the material so that air can pass through it easily. Fit the bowl into the bong snugly.

How to Smoke?

Once you have prepared your bongs, it’s time to take a hit.

  • Hold it in your hand that is non-dominant. Rest the bottom of it on a flat surface to avoid it from falling.
  • Next, purse and place your lips inside the mouthpiece to make a seal, or else you won’t be able to draw the smoke. Placing lips inside the mouthpiece is not only good bong etiquette, but it also allows you to form a better vacuum.
  • Light the bowl while inhaling simultaneously. Once the material has caught fire, you can start smoking. Inhale the smoke and then exhale quickly; there is no benefit in keeping the smoke in your lungs.
  • Clear out the remaining smoke in the bowl before you pass it on.
  • Avoid exhaling in the bong, or it may cause the water to spill.