Black table full of electrician supplies

Every trade has a set list of must-have tools and resources. Whether you’re a builder, plumber or sparky, several tools are common across all three professions. If you’re new to the industry and aren’t sure as to what you’ll need for every job, then check out this guide below. We’ll list the most common and critical electrician supplies, and why exactly you’ll need them.

Voltage tester

Ask any sparky, and they’ll tell you that an essential item, in terms of electrician supplies, is a voltage tester. This is because it is crucial that you know whether a device or wire is “live” since working with a live wire can be incredibly dangerous, especially if you are unaware that it is live. A voltage tester is quite literally a lifesaving device. You can use it to ensure there is no voltage in the wire or device, and there are even some models that are “non-contact”, meaning you detect voltage without even having to touch the wire.


Pliers are an essential item for all homeowners, given their versatility and ease of use. A good pair of pliers will appear on any list of electrician supplies – that’s how important they are. The handles on your pliers should be comfortable, easy to grip and should close and open smoothly. They can also be used for diagonal cutting and side cutting, which are instrumental for every sparky.

Tape measure

As is the case with any trade, having an adequate and reliable tape measure is essentially toolkit 101. You can’t work without tape measure – so make sure you have one ready to go!


What exactly does a multimeter do? Well, its primary responsibility is to measure current, voltage, DC voltage and resistance. Also known as a VOM (volt-ohm-milliammeter), they can be either a hand-held device, which is perfect for service work. If you’re looking to add to your electrician supplies, a hand-held device will work best for mobility purposes. However, if you need a tool that is more accurate and precise, then a bench instrument might work better for your needs.

Wire strippers

Wire strippers are an incredibly useful tool and should be included in all electrician supplies. They are used to cut and strip insulation from wires and cords. If you’re picking out a new pair of wire strippers, make sure the handle is easy to grip and hold. If you want something a little more innovative and practical, you can find wire strippers that come equipped with cutting teeth, which allow you to trim the wire ends simultaneously. However, you should be aware that you’ll likely need to pay more for types with this function.

Circuit finders

It can be quite challenging to identify the circuit directory in most homes. Moreover, the service panel rarely matches the complementary breaker – which is why circuit finders are an absolute lifesaver. If you want to have all the necessary electrician supplies for your next job, then you must have a few circuit finders in your kit. All you need to do is plug the device into an outlet, and the finder will do all the work, like locating where the matching directory is and begin tracing the circuit.

Fish tape

Fish tape might not seem essential, but a lot of tradies swear by it, saying it’s one of the most practical and useful items to have in your toolkit. So, what can it be used for? Well, it’s perfect for pulling or pushing a stranded wire through a conduit. Moreover, it can be retracted and deployed since it comes on a reel. It’s also straightforward to grip, making it one of the most critical electrician supplies for tradies.