Home Gadgets

1. Eve Aqua-

If you are watering the garden, and you have plants in pots, during the hot summer, is important to water them from time to time. The awesomely built Eve Aqua attaches between the garden tap and hose. You can set the device to turn on at regular intervals for about two minutes, four times a day for the best effect. It even monitors the amount of water that is used for watering the plants. You can name the device as you like and also control it by using Siri to turn on the sprinkler, for instance.


2. Nest Protect-

This device is the most useful smoke and carbon monoxide alarm that you will ever see. It has a smart sensor attached that can tell the difference between smoke and steam. Rather than the unpleasant voice of smoke alarms makes, it speaks a warning before the alarm goes off. It also alerts your phone and comes in two version that is wired and battery-powered.


3. Nest Thermostat-

It is the company’s very first product; it is a learning thermostat which has interesting looks and even works like a dream. The twist the dial feature allows you to turn on the heating up or down and so click the screen to adjust the settings. You even use it using the iPhone or Android App. If you happened to have Google or Alexa you can command it what to do from there, too. It can connect to your boiler and control the heating and hot water. You can also set a schedule or let it learn your movements.

Nest Thermostat

4. Ring Video Doorbell 2-

The device is attached to your door, and when the button is pressed, it can create a sound similar to your existing doorbell or even link it wirelessly the Ring chime bell inside your house. When someone rings your bell, it will notify your mobile device and also a speaker and microphone so you could communicate to the person outside directly. The device has a removable rechargeable battery and also has two choices of the metallic faceplate.

Philips Hue Starter Kit

5. Philips Hue Starter Kit-

The company was the first firm to develop smart lighting and remains upfront in the technology industry. The starter kit of the device gives you a bridge unit that can connect your router and three bulbs that are white or even have white with other million colors. You can also set timings or even turn on the lights up gently in the morning to get a sunrise effect while waking up. For instance, if you are on vacation and you forgot to turn off the light, you manage to control it from your mobile device. If you the Amazon Echo Plus, which has a compatible hub that is built in, you do not need the bridge unit.