Business colleagues at a meeting in a smart glass walled boardroom


There are many innovative and outstanding applications of smart glass in Australia. Whether it be for privacy purposes, for protection against the harsh Southern Hemisphere sun and heat, for medical purposes (like antibacterial), or another reason, there are heaps of suppliers of smart glass in Australia. It’s a rapidly growing market with a lot of growth opportunity, and that’s an excellent thing for consumers because more competition means more innovation and lower costs.

Consequently, if you’re thinking of installing smart glass in Australia, whether it before your private home or office space, here is everything you need to know before committing to the investment.


The technology

Smart glass in Australia uses innovative technology, such as a conductive layer embedded in the sheen. This ensures that the panel doesn’t corrode under extreme weather, thereby enhancing its durability and practicality for outdoor use (where it will receive a lot of sun exposure). The panel’s surface should be able to withstand approximately 1300 days of intense UV exposure, which puts it three times the normal amount (factoring in standard sunlight hours and average temperatures).



There are many different applications of this new innovative technology. If you think your business could benefit by using it, then read on.

Advertisement projections

The material is a versatile new option for advertisers. It comes with exceptional optimising capabilities; given that it can display screens/ads through window fronts – a perfect original advertisement revenue source for your business. Rent out space to other companies advertising their products, or better yet, use it for your own products. Indeed, optimised panels are quickly becoming the most popular advertising channel in the DOOH industry (digital-out-of-home).

A great addition to your interior design

The hard coating on the screen makes the surface scratch proof. You can design your smart glass in Australia to resemble your interior design, so it seamlessly fits into the environment. Moreover, it can be changed daily, making it the perfect component to a workplace that is continually evolving its décor.

Privacy concerns

If you don’t want people looking into different rooms in your office space, you can easily set up privacy film glass, which allows for privacy during important meetings and the like. If you’re sharing sensitive information that must remain private, these secluded rooms and privacy film glasses are perfect for maintaining security!

Health reasons

It’s well known that bacteria can live on surfaces for days. In health centres, hospitals and laboratories, maintaining strict biosecurity standards is essential. Fortunately, smart glass in Australia can come equipped with biotech coatings that ensure hygienic surfaces/films. In essence, the surface will have acid and alkali resistant material ingrained in the surface, which will minimise contamination levels and strengthen public safety. Given what has taken place with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining strong public health standards is essential!


Things to consider before purchasing

Smart glass in Australia can be expensive, so you must consider all options before committing to the purchase. It would help if you were mindful of your budget, your specific needs and anything that could inhibit/change your decision. Are there things in your home or office space that might undermine the purchase? Do you need it because your business desperately needs to supplement its income? Are there specific guidelines (like health prescriptions) that you need to follow? Will your purchase need to be modified? These are just some of the many factors that could change your decision.

So, do you think smart glass in Australia is something you should add to your office space or home? If the answer is “yes”, make sure you do your research and talk to the experts before committing your money.