British candy stores

British candy is not something that everyone is familiar with, but those that have tried it quickly become fans.  There are many different types of sweets that come from Britain, including pastries, cakes and other puddings, but our main focus will be on the many different types of British candy available, and our top picks for sweets that you should try.

Honeycomb toffee

If you’re looking for a British candy to satisfy your sugar cravings then honeycomb toffee is a great place to start. It’s a treat that ranges is sweet on the outside and crunch on the inside. Outside of Britain, honeycomb toffee can be relatively rare to find, but you can usually find it on the shelves of specialty British candy stores.


Twisted is a chocolate bar made by Cadbury, the company that makes Cadbury Crème Eggs, and is available year-round in Britain. Twisted is just like a Cadbury Crème Egg except in bar form. If you love eating chocolate and love a nice and sweet, gooey centre, then give Twisted a try!

Wine gums

Don’t let the name fool you, wine gums certainly won’t get you drunk. But each piece is named after a different kind of wine, such as champagne and sherry. Like most candies, every colour has a different flavour, and they are incredibly chewy and sweet, like the name suggests. If you are a fan of different wine flavours and want to try a satisfying gummy treat, wine gums are certainly a great place to start.

Jelly babies

Jelly Babies are a lot like gummy bears, but instead of being shaped like bears, they are shaped like babies. They are covered in a light layer of white starch and every colour is a different flavour. Flavours that you may find in a bag of Jelly Babies include lemon, lime, raspberry, orange and strawberry. You may have heard of Jelly Babies from the show Doctor Who, as it is featured on the show many times.

Fruit pastilles

If one of your favourite candies around Christmas time is the gumdrops, then you’re going to absolutely love Fruit Pastilles. This candy is made with only natural flavourings and come in five different flavours, lime, strawberry, blackcurrant, orange and lemon. A common way that people eat this candy is not by chewing the candy, but rather sucking on the candy until the sugar finishes dissolving in your mouth, which is definitely the best way to get the most out of your candy.


Smarties, the British candy, are much different than the Smarties that you might find in other countries. In the states they are like small pellets of pure sugar, but in the UK they are instead much more similar to M&Ms, with a crunchy outside layer and chocolate on the inside. The crunchy layer is thinner than an M&M’s crunchy layer, and the different colours do have slightly different flavour, which allow you to have a more diverse experience when you are eating the Smarties.

Drumstick squashies

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Drumstick Squashies. This candy is a chewy kind of candy and is comparable to a cross between marshmallows and gummy bears. They are available in a couple of different flavours, so you can surely find a flavour that suites your needs. You might also be able to find Drumstick Squashies in a lollipop form, which can make the treat last much longer.

The UK is well known for its many different variants of sweets. They are definitely worth a try!