3 Reasons Why HR Internships Are Good For Your Resume

It is a rite of passage for every graduate or about-to-be graduate to have a slot of experiences in their resume. Sometimes it can seem blank, showing not much to show for it. If you’re in the Business & Commercial field, a major people person and super caring, Human Resources might be the right place for you! How do you get there, you may ask? HR Internships are the best solution, allowing you get experience to help you get prepared for when you get a job for yourself one day. There are many benefits the come with getting work experience, ranging from qualifications, increasing network, and further understanding of your career goals. Let’s unpack these points and prove to you why HR internships are great for your CV.

Why Should You Apply For HR Internships?


Experience is a great way to get further and better opportunities in the future and what better way than through HR internships. These work experiences are the best way to amp up your resume, showcasing your work prior to knabbing your first job. You’ll pick up a variety of skills including soft and technical skills which you can apply to your future roles. By having all these key learning areas pat down through HR internships, this will make you a more attractive candidate among employers. Employers are more drawn to hiring experienced candidates and if your resume is looking a little lack lustre, causing you less likely to be chosen for even an interview. That’s why HR internships are impertinent to getting your first job as it showcases your hard work and dedication to the human resource field.

Network Building

Resume HR internships

HR internships are great experiences, yes for your resume, but also for making lifelong connections. You can find yourself building a network of people from your industry allowing you to be open to future opportunities for your career. In this way, you’ll find that everyone will want to knab you for a  future role. You can even have confidantes to ask for advice even potentially a working opportunities. Having a network, will help you know about a future job as most jobs are advertised from person to person rather than online. HR internships will lead you to have people you’re connected with to help you get to where you are supposed to be further along in your career. By building a network from your work experience, you’ll find more doors open for you.

Clarity On Career Path

Sometimes it can be hard to know what you want to do for yourself right away. When it comes to HR internships, it’s a good indicator to see whether the field is for you and if so, what type of role you would see yourself in for the future. This will help you in terms of knowing the needs to get to that role and what roles you should apply for. This helps make your journey clearer, knowing what does and what doesn’t work for you. You’ll find that you’ll be more confident in your working ability and skills, helping you advance to further roles from your peers due to the added experience from your HR internships. They allow you to get a taste of the job itself before you dive an decide whether you do or don’t want to do it full time. By having the experience, you learn from your mistakes, find out more about yourself and your interests. With HR internships, you’ll see that you’re on the career journey you were destined to embark on.